Saturday, June 2, 2012

My piece of thought :)

Pick on friends, is that what you do?

Most of the people deny this fact
but through my observations,
that's what exactly people do.

Some people pick famous girls as their friends,
so they can walk in the hall of fame.

Some people pick rich girls as their friends,
so they can ride in their limo.

Some people pick geniuses as their friends,
so they can just copy their works.

Some people pick powerful girls as their friends,
so they can have some power to rule as well.

These are what we call as friends for benefits.

All and all,
you just have to step back, observe and think.
If you don't do that to others,
most likely people won't pick you as their friends
just because of those silly reasons.

Friends are hard to find nowadays
and no one has right to not appreciate the notion of friendship that you value.

No matter how mengada you can be,
how playful you are,
how easy you can cry over petty things,
how hard you want to eat just because you think you're fat,
how not confident you are
and how moody you can be,

she should be someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself
without complaining to others.

if she never complains about the weaker part of yours,
why would you?

Complaint shows insincerity.
Insincerity means nothing to friendship.

I will give time for you to think.
It's never too late to mend the crux or repent.

I am sorry, 
but I just don't want to be the only one that should fix the puzzle.


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