Monday, June 4, 2012

The Career Talk

Just had a career talk with my mom and my dad
and they really want me to have a great life after I finish my study.

I need to have a goal
then only I know what path should I take.

Well let see and have some check and balance here.

1. I like to talk, and talk and talk.
2. I like kids and helping people and charity work.
3. I like physics and addmaths and I like biology and history too.
4. I want to contribute back to the nation.

Okay now choose the path.

Geophysics or medics.

Geophysics requires me to
1. Talk to convince people about the oil data.
2. If I have a lot of money I can do charity work too.
3. Yes, it has something to do with physics and addmaths.
4. I will contribute in a way of finding the energy.

Medics requires me to
1. Talk to people and be friendly and talk talk talk nicely/
2.I can help people and do more charity.
3.Biology, checked.
4.I will contribute by joining Mercy Malaysia and do good deeds to Malaysia.

Okay now I am confused back.

I really need your opinion,
and please kindly help me dealing with this dilemma.

Leave your opinion at my wall or my twitter, @aliahnazarudin.
Thank you.

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