Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thank You Very Much.

To anyone that I owe.

In life we need each other,
one hand can heal another.

I might not realise your deed,
but Allah does.
Maybe you did contribute a lot to my life,
but I just didn't notice them.
My bad.
I am sorry, and thank you for everything.

To my parents,
I owe you my life.
Thank you very much.

To my fellow teachers,
there's no word could describe my appreciation.
Thank you so much.

To those whom are willing
to listen to my pointless dramas,
sicken telenovelas and my mengada-ness,
thank you thank you thank you.

To those who support me from
the beginning,
thank you real much.

To those who never walk away from my life
and who are willing to stick with me through thick and thin,
thank you so much.

To those who inspire me a lot,
thank you, 
for showing me the right way.

To my bosom friend,
thank you so much 
for whatever things that I owe you.

All and all,
thank you Allah for giving me the chance 
to live,
to meet different kinds of people,
to learn so many things about the world
and to love me by giving me 
all the things that I need.

Thank you, thank you.

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