Sunday, March 11, 2012

Leaders are made.

Past 5 days
all the KP PKP SBP 2012
had attended an awesome Leadership Course
at the Puteri Garden Hotel, Klang.

That was the best moment I've ever had
in my entire journey as the fifth former.
Even words can't describe this feeling.

Thank you to my awesome group mates,
Hanan, Aina, Ain, Nazatul
Syakirin, Yusri, Hazim, Rahman, Nazmi and Jas
for the incredible moments
we shared especially
during the Leadership Outreach.

Thank you to fellow leaders of SBPs
for the fantastic experience that we shared.

Of early kuliah subuh,
of amazing public speaking,
of great penguin walks,
of best practices,
of experiences and laughters we shared ;
this is it.

Small leaders today, awesome leaders tomorrow.

I miss you guys :)

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