Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eugene and Rapunzel?

You get excited for the smallest things that involve them.
Figuring out ways you can get their attention.
Although crush is just a crush,
everyday you're hoping it will lead to something more.

Because I found it very cute when
someone tries his best to tackle the girl
and the girl tries her best to hide her blush.

I found it very cute when the secret
was exposed without anyone seeking for it,
it just happened.

I found it very cute when they lied
to hide what they feel inside but the eyes cannot lie.

I found it very cute when this thing happen.
I found it very cute because it's still happening,
even not in my life, but in others' life.

I have been in that shoes.
I know it won't happen to me again,
but at least I can still see it happening around me.


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