Tuesday, December 20, 2011

When You Are The Eldest

There are lots of funny conversation between me and my sisters these days,
especially the last one, oh my god, she's just so cute x)
Then last night I spent 3 hours talking with Tikaa.
I know I am gonna miss these fabulous holidays :D

But my biggest fear of all.

Would I be the best example to them?

When you are the eldest, that would be the greatest pressure of all,
and especially the moment of examination,
big examination, PMR, SPM.
We want to score the exams just to be a great role model, right?

But that's not just it.

Intelligence is not proven only on the result certificate,
beauty is not what you can see through your eyes.

They're all about the inner-side of you
that can make them look up to you.

Your personality that matters,
and that's what I am looking forward to,
for them to look up to me even I am shorter :)

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