Sunday, December 4, 2011

The secret keeper #3

Do you believe in your dream?
Do you believe in your instincts?

Well, dreams and instincts can be the truth but believing in them for your life,
I don't think that will be great.

Trust me,
if they don't give you hope, they'll give you fear.

The consequences will be a lot.
If it gives you high hope, you'll be happy when it becomes reality
but when it doesn't, you will sleep with a broken heart.

If it gives you fear, you'll be relief when it doesn't happen the way you think
but when you haven't faced the reality, you'll forever live in fear and 
living in fear is like dying in silent.

All and all,
just believe in fate and destiny.

Sometimes God doesn't give you things you think you want.
It's not because you don't deserve it,
but because you deserve more.

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