Friday, December 16, 2011

A for Aliah

I am just a normal girl.
Was born on the 12th of Jan 1995.
I live in Malacca and sometimes in KL.
Denmark, Paris and Italy are my favourite places.
England keeps most of my memories.
Sekolah Seri Puteri holds the biggest picture in my life.
My family matters most to me.
My friends are my happiness.
My best friends are my strength.
Books are my best listeners
and Allah is the greatest of all.
Shopping is the perfect thing to do
if I am bored or stressful.
I listen to songs that suit my life and
that particular moments.
I am not a friendly girl
but I will make my absence felt.
I hardly forget people
and hardly hate them.
Crying is what I do
and I never think I am weak because of it.
I hate compliments because it might make me forget
the reasons of me living at the first place.
I can accept reasonable criticism but I would
never take them all.
I have my own principles
and I always stick to that.
The things you heard about me might be true,
but it might be as fake as the ones who told you.
I have no one special in my life
because I have the fear of getting hurt, again.
Another thing, I don't fall too fast and crash too hard.
If you are the one, you are lucky and you better be thankful for that.
If I share with you my story, it means I trust you.
Love doesn't always mean trust, trust doesn't always mean love.

My life is far more complicated than you ever imagine
but I am grateful because I still have the chance to simplify it.

Pretty much.
What else do you want to know, X?

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