Monday, December 19, 2011

C for Confession

Somehow the truth hurts and it can make you cry.
But after crying, then only you know how meaningful the tears would be.
I cry not because I am sad or regret,
I cry because all the pain and things that were holding me back,
are now halfway gone.
I know all my assumptions, people's assumptions were wrong
and I need proofs that can prove me that,
well, today the truth was finally revealed,
after almost a year I waited for that.
Thank god, for now, all the hanging questions were finally answered 
and I am happy for it.
Things cannot be changed I assume,
I mean what happened this year, the bad memories.
Memories will always be memories,
but what's in the past will forever stay in the past.
I am glad that it's not part of my future.
Things might not  turn up like we want it, or like I want it to be.
But at least, I know things I should know.
And you are not guilty, none of us are.
I trust my instinct for once,
even after months.
My instinct is right.
Well, now I know what can I write in my next chapter.
The strangers are now best friends again,
well that's what I am hoping for.
For us to talk again,
and mend this friendship.
So yeah,

ps, thank you AN, for the truths.

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