Sunday, December 18, 2011

C for Christmas, years after.

Now is the Christmas break,
I took the train from Oxford to visit these three musketeers in London.
I have been here for 5 days.

Adeeda and Munira were staying back, they had work to do.
Seems like Syakirah and I would be the victims now.

We walked to Asda to buy some groceries,
we finished all the food yesterday and we just don't want to die in hunger.

We had to buy extra food for this week because Hannah, Irwani, Amelia, Ummu and Edda are coming
to London for the Christmas holidays.
It must be so much fun as the last time we met was during the Summer holiday,
we did tour around Europe that time.
Amelia and Ummu, they study at the same medical college in Ireland.
Edda and Irwani study in the States, so far from us.
Hannah is in Canada, so much of her dream place.
It must be fabulous if mom and dad could come, but they are far away in Venezuela, same goes to Ina.
Atika is doing her degree in Harvard and Aiman, he's preparing for his SPM, next year.

So many people in Asda today, but yeah we had to find something special for everyone.
I can't wait to walk around London, even in the snow.

I will post some photos of us when we are on tour around London, looking forward for that.
Till now, I better cook for lunch.

Best regards to Adeeda's
This is it, this is going to happen,
Amin :)

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  1. One day, those are what we are going to do , nothing is impossible Aliah. Pray and keep working for this together, Insyaallah