Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yeah, I am the eldest

Everywhere I go,
people will think I am the youngest kid in the family,
not really because of my height,
a bit, probably 
due to the fact that my sister is waaaaay taller than me,
and my 10-year-old brother is at my height
but even without having them around,
people still think I am the youngest.

It can be good, and bad though.

The good side of it,
I won't look old
And people will underestimate my credibility and I can prove them wrong, easy.

The bad side off it,
it will be hard for me too watch the 
even PG13 movies alone,
because they might think I am 12.

Hyperbole, but it's true :)
And that's not that awsheemmzz.

But yeah,
I am cool that way.

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