Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where I feel like home :)

When at school,
class will be the perfect place to study,
surau will be the perfect place to pray,
surau is also the perfect place to meet my friends
since the business does tear us apart.
cafe and dining hall will be the perfect place to eat and spend my time with friends
and dorm is the perfect place to feel like home.

One year being in the dorm with these girls,

I truly know the things I supposed to know.
Friendship, most importantly.
Yeah we did talk about future, always.

I wish we could all fly to the same land together.

I am gonna miss all the sarcasm talks
and the moment we made joke of Edda :)

Next year,
I will be in the room, all alone.
Pray hard I could wake up early
and not be insomnia 
and sleep well every night.

Ghost ghost go away,
come again another decade :)


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