Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stuck in reverse.

All this while,
life has not been like what I planned it to be.

I am busy with my stuffs and
I don't even have time to think about my life.

But well, that's what we call as

I don't blame people for my fate,
it just happened that way.

Realising the fact that
people will look down at me,
questioning about the obvious.

Well, pretty much.

I don't really get the chance to even 
tell myself what should I do next
telling myself a congratulation for all of my achievements.

I don't really get the chance to have
all the fun conversations with
my beloved friends
considering the fact that tonight will be my last night
in Chrysanthemum 3.

On top of all,
tomorrow I will be leaving 4 Pintar and
no longer get the chance to be in that kind of environment.
Maybe it will start with a U but regardless,
I know Allah knows best.

Edda Nadira,
the story of us will be ending soon.
Just so let you know, I am more than
grateful to have you around for almost 4 years
and I never regret one of it.

We won't be in the same dorm nor class next year,
but that will make the bond grows stronger.

Well, I pray for it.

I can't really say this well.
Expectation is the root of heartache and
my hearts knows it well.

Just one thing, Aliah.
Just ignore all the shits that you might face after this,
because you know Allah will always be by your side.

Good luck everyone.
I am off now.

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  1. Aliah, im sorry . for being suckish and to have never understand. but that's reality no one WILL understand better than yourself. And because that no one can UNDERSTAND this well, Allah chooses you to feel it, remember Allah is fair, Allah knows best. We have to accept our Qada' and Qadar even though it means breaking our heart into millions of pieces, even it means opposing our needs. Im not good at saying or giving advices. I admit. I suck. But the fact that you are my friend, there is an urge to bring you back up, because you're never alone in this path. And i don't think it's an entire bad thing, in fact, congratulations for catching up even though you were a busy mammoth during the exams. All hail , Aliah :D

    - Azura