Monday, November 28, 2011

Great times.

I don't always say this.
But yeah, I love the moment just now.

I had a very great time karaoke-ing with my sister, tikaa.
We rap Super Bass and we sang tonnes of songs,
till we have no voice now :)

She has nice voice, and I danced all the way.

Yesterday, we had that crazy moments talking for hours non-stop.
Making jokes of one another and re-telling stories that were great memories to us.

Awww, I really miss that moment.

Before we are separated by schools,
we would have long talks before we went to beds
and now, holidays were the only times we have.

I wish we are in the same school though.
I love her so much.

And I will make sure her boyfriend in future won't dare to hurt her.
Or else, I am gonna kill him.

Oh yeah, she likes Galang and the one looks like him I guess ;)
Your sister.

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