Monday, November 28, 2011

Award :D

I read an article,
some girls just do not like being 

Well, in a mean way I would say,
single is not a status, it is an award.

You are single for reasons.

First, you like someone who is occupied.
Second, the person you like doesn't like you back.
Third, you don't like the person that likes you.
Forth, you are not ready to love and be loved by some strangers.
Fifth, you have your own promise to uphold.
Sixth, you guys do not want the world to know and just try to hide.
Seventh, you just wanna be the most extraordinary one.
Eighth, you don't think love should be there for the sake of special relationship.
Ninth, you are playing with rubber band.
Tenth, you are just too ego to say yes :)

I think there some others but those were the only reasons I can think of now.

Personally my answers would be
the ones in red.

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