Thursday, September 1, 2011


Third day of Aidilfitri.
It's so tiring because I think almost 10 families came to my house, like non-stop.

The first family that came was Auntie Salina's family.
They're awesome maaannn.

She's my mom's best friend since she's in form 1
and they like studied together and till now they still keep in touch 
and that made me believe that 
the idea of having best friend forever is never impossible.

I had a little conversation with them, so cool aite?

Then I started to imagine
Edda comes to my house with her forever one and their daughter 
which they might be naming her after me because she misses me so much :P

I pray hard, so I will be able to face that phase which everyone
wants to face.
Having family and be successful :)

Amin :)

me and my awesome cousin :)

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