Thursday, September 1, 2011

This is so sad.

I watched the true story of Hollywoods,
the Baseball wives.

The wives have to be apart from their husbands
for six months and stuffs.

I watched them in tv but my mom will face the same thing in another one month.

My dad will be leaving us for Venezuela.
He will only be coming back for 20 days after 70 days of working.

It is so sad
plus it's like years of being apart.
I pray hard so my mom will be moving there too with my brother and youngest sister
because they need dad and as for me and tikaa; we will be fine as we're already used to this thing, since 2007.

I want dad to see Aiman and Ina growing up
and I want mom to be there to take a great care of everything.

Tikaa and me, we'll be fine
as we stay in boarding schools and we have our grandparents here.

But yeah,
nothing is being decided yet except for dad will be leaving end of this month.

I am sad because I won't get the chance to frequently talk to him anymore
and no one would ever understand me the way he does
and no one would ever advice me when I think life is hopeless.

Dad has to sacrifice something to gain another thing.
I know it will be worth it by the end.

C'est la vie.
To get something, you have to lose something.
Somehow Allah will replace things that we lose with a better thing that we never expect.
I believe in that and I believe in His destiny.

I will be supporting you all the way and you will be missed.
No worry, we will be okay.

You know I love you so much.

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