Thursday, September 1, 2011

Set the fire to the rain :)

When you think life is hopeless,
always remember that someone will always be there to help
and you will never walk alone.

I always have the negative thought of me being alone,
but hey I got family and friends to help me.

But I think my biggest mistake of all
is the failure to appreciate the existing things in my life.
Things that I want to repent the most.

Don't follow what I've done,
see. I only left with a broken heart :)

The point here is,
appreciate people while they are here.
When once they're no longer existing,
you don't get to see them again.

Say that 3 words to those who appreciate them
and that three words can change thousands' lives.

Life will change once you feel appreciated,
make people feel appreciated for their existences
because they will feel a great lost for your absence.

You know I love you.

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