Thursday, September 1, 2011

I may not a gamer -.-

I am not a video gamer
but I believe they play game for good.
People always say they're crazy because whenever you score high, you won't get any prize.

Are you sure?
Because there're competitions that they make just for the video gamers,
they might win the grand prix.

But that's not the whole point of them playing video games like all the time.
In most of the case, it's for their own satisfaction.
The satisfaction of beating your own good record and
it makes you learn to be someone better from time to time
and not to feel complaisant with what you currently have.
Which is good
and somehow you will get better life education through small small things like this.

But it goes back to how you value something.

You have your brain for you to think.
So think and decide how to value it :)

You know I care.

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