Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Salam Lebaran :)

I woke up in the morning and they said,
Well, I was so happy yet so sad,
because it's raya but I had to leave the
great Ramadhan :(
The theme was grey but I am the only one
that wore the different type of grey.

Then we had a photography session
which ayah wanted to conquer the camera, let him be
cause I wanted to be the model
 (even my face wasn't flawless and I am short and I don't have any model's asset, but I am just beautiful me)

Since it was just out side of the house, I wore someone's
ugly slippers which the size was 10 and my feet's size is just 4 :)

The salam-ing session this year wasn't that sad, which I don't know why
the only person in my small family that cried was
my youngest sister,
that was the moment she salam-ing me.
Oh yeah, we always fight, like everytime.
She's touched. Aww :')

Then we got banyak duit raya and I ate a lot.
Then we went to rumah Tok Lias somewhere in KL though
and I ate a lot of laksa, my favourite food ever.

Along the way, I received so many raya messages yet i didn't have enough credit to reply.
But I did reply as soon as my mom bought me the hot ticket, so menjimatkan :)

Talking about raya, I wore the necklace that Amelia gave me and I also wore the
necklace that both me and Edda have :)
People called me weird but hey I love it (Y)

And Edda sent me a really touching message on Hari Raya and 
a few seconds after that I received the message from Afi.
Coincidence :P

At the evening after going to relatives' houses in Cheras,
we went back to Melaka and continue the raya session.
The day was awesome because I still get duit raya yang banyak
even I was grown up, maybe because if the size ;)

Okay, I think that's all my celoteh session, I need to rest
because my house would be the centre of attraction tomorrow :)

I love you, Bye bye.

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