Sunday, August 28, 2011

My little whisper (:

This past few months were total strangers to me.
Everything didn't turn up well
and life was a hectic
and everything was like a chaos.

When we wanna talk about school,
it will all revolve around friendship.

And now I wanna make people realize that
to find someone that can be your true friends
is just too hard because they might say they are your true friends,
but by heart you do know what's wrong and what's right.

I was once in green
because I was being possessive when it came to have a friend.

I once believed that friends are to own by yourself alone
but I was wrong,
friends are to share.

No one has right on yourself, except for you
and there won't be any hidden reasons why
I can't befriend to someone who is someone else's best friend.
Because I simply can.

It stabbed my heart so much when I realized
that there's no other permanent thing in life except for family
but that doesn't change my perception towards friendship,
it can stay even longer though but it just goes back to the matter of

I cried for reading someone's confession
because that time I realized
I was about to lose her as my best friend.

Then I rationalized my thought,
I knew it won't turn up that way.

Then again, it's the matter of trust and the willingness
to give and take.

Till that point I found out that friendship requires another aspect
that all of us should have, the moment we agreed to become friends, which is ;

Again, it's never easy to be in my position
which I have to be really neutral
and to have lesser time to spend with my friends.

But I know this is what I have to sacrifice,
for the betterment of all parties
and as my best friends,
I believe that they will always try to understand me.

Even now, they hardly meet me
just to share their deepest secrets.
Even now, they hardly joke around with me
as they have to cope with my absence.
Even now, they hardly talk to me
as I have so many things to be done.

But hey,
you can always come to me and talk whenever I am free.
Being busy doesn't mean I am an ignorant
because I know my friends are also my priority
and people know me well
and I hope you guys too.

I have also kept thousand secrets
that not all of it my friends would know,
and not all of it my friends would ever want to know.

But I never doubt them when it came to trust
because they can be trusted.
It's just the matter of when to reveal the secret.

if today was my last day
and tomorrow is just too late,
I would really want to tell you
that I really care, and I really love you.

Forgive me for all of my mistakes
and remember,
even I won't be there by your side anymore,
I will always pray for you from up there.

As long as there's time,
make full use of the opportunity.

Again, friends are always to share and not to own one.

Thank you.

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