Saturday, August 20, 2011

A great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position :)

Expectation is always the root of heartache,
we always get what we least expect.

I don't expect this to happen,
when it does,
I shall take this as my challenge.

This might not be what I dream of,
but this might be the best for me.

Allah knows the best for me
and I can't predict the future, anyways.

When you have something,
not everyone can accept that and not everyone will be happy for that.

To those who walks out from my life when this thing happened,
they're still my friends.
They love me so much that make it harder for them to accept the change.

Trust me,

A great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.

I am doing this not for myself.
This is just like another responsibility, even bigger. 
And I don't want people to backstab me,
nor praise me like I am an angle,


I just need some support, so I can stand still.
This is not about me, this is about the rest of the students.

Ya Allah, give me strength.

Somewhere weakness is our strength
I can't let myself regret, such selfishness

My pain and all the trouble caused
No matter how long
I believe that there's hope
Buried beneath it all and
Hiding beneath it all and
Growing beneath it all and

This is how we'll dance when
When they try to take us down
This is how we'll sing

This is how we'll stand when
When they burn our houses down
This is what will be, glory

And it's obvious that you're dying, dying
Just living proof that the camera's lying
And open wide
cause you'll go out in style
You'll go out in style, Aliah Nazamusa :)

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