Saturday, August 13, 2011

The GREAT Fallen, Aliah.

The last examination was a total crap.
But who am I to blame the examination, I am blaming myself.
I got B for my physics, that was a total sad.
Only God knows how much do I love physics and yeah, I love addmaths more.
But in both paper, I didn't do well.
I hope I can get an A, for addmaths,
I don't wanna make a hole in my record.

Last exam was very rare, for me.
I got fever, didn't stay up when everyone did
and slept before the examinations started.

I got runny nose, sore throat.
I got asthmatic attack and woke up at 3.00 am,
gasping for the air and I didn't bring my medicine.

I left my classes for 9 days.
But who cares?

People told me,
at least I had reasons for my failure.

But I don't want to make the reasons as my excuses.
It's not a proffesional thing to do.

Every failure that I have to face, I will blame myself for that.
Why didn't I study earlier?
If only I had an early preparation, I won't face these things.
Even my fate would say I will get fever or I have to take the examination at the hospital.

Don't make your fate as an excuse because Allah decides the fate and we can change it by
doing things to change it.

for this great fallen.

Preparation for the upcoming exam starts when the previous exam ended,
just like debating.

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