Saturday, July 9, 2011

When the flour doesn't mix with the eggs

i always want to be doctor, since i was a young kid.
now, i still have the ambition to be the one. 
but looking at the status quo, when we might not get what we want,
i think i shall consider other alternatives as well.
a story about a young lady named Natasha really inspired me.
She's an Australian, wanted to be a teacher.
But the environment of occupation changes now.
After 3 years of being unemployed,
she decided to get into a new different dimension of life
and mix it with her talent in photography.
Now, she's one of the awesomest photographers in Australia.
It's really cool, right.
Hooyeah baby, I will consider other alternatives as well.
My pictures might not be that good, but I can learn.
Photography will be my minor subject.
Then, you can call me, Dr Camera :D
Therefore, if you have passion in anything, just go on with the talents.
Musics, debating, dancing, cooking, sewing, anything.

Part time drummer seems cool :)

or maybe a chef.

a street ballet dancer :)

but as the moment of career is not here yet,
why can't you be a 
good friend
that will face the ups and downs together with you.

in future,
always remember to be a great lover too :)

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