Saturday, July 16, 2011


things somehow don't fall on the lines.
it looks perfect, but the truth is, it's bitter.
it's hard to accept it, but i have to.
i am confused but i have to be strong.
i doubt my instincts, i doubt my feelings.
things won't feel right if what i did could turn everything off.
i won't feel any kind of happiness if people weren't happy either.
i don't know what should i do.
i shall go on with the flow.
given that you could also understand me now, i am okay.
i just need people to understand, not just to listen.
i want people to tell me the truth because they care,
not to lie just to make me feel better.
i never doubt your feelings or what you feel.
the fact that you try to understand my situation,
that's my pleasure.
thank you.
you don't have to be sorry as everyone deserves to exercise their freedom of expressions
and again thank you for being the kind of friend that will stand by me when i need someone to.

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