Saturday, July 9, 2011


why is it so rare to be status again? you tell me.
status is more than just a status, it's an award that you should enjoy.
again, i was asked for the reasons of being single.
then i was so confused, why is it so wrong to be single.
it's not that i am forever alone.
maybe it's true, i am left behind, being single all alone when
my other friends get their own partners, but it doesn't mean
my life is pathetic. i think i am enjoying my life just like them,
in a whole different dimension.
so, you don't have to feel bad or desperate in searching for one,
because the moment of truth will come, you will find the right one.
trust me. on top of all, i am glad to have a lot of friends, that are very awesome
and i am never being a judgmental kind of person when it came to choose a friend.
because clearly everyone is interesting in their own way :)

i love you,
neutron star :D

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