Friday, July 15, 2011

Set The Fire To The Rain

Dilemmas and dramas make us stronger in any other ways. I always wonder why me? Am I like the chosen one or I am just like another unlucky girl? But every time I have it in my thought, I will just make myself to forget about it because like it or not, dilemmas happen anyways. Even in schools and even people say the adolescent won’t face things that adult face, the truth is we are still gonna face it. I agree at some points, this thing makes me stronger. I might cry for some reasons, but I am lucky enough to have family and friends by my side. I might feel like shouting and telling everyone and make people understand how hurt it is to be ignored, but I just have to act very rationally. Things happen for reasons. As much as Nate Archibald is the most problematic one in every season of Gossip Girl, we can’t deny his right to also taste some happiness. Everyone deserves some happiness. The moment you think there is no chance for you to be happy, always remember people around you. They want you to be happy, those who refuse to share with you their happiness, they’re not humans (: 

I kinda fall for you again :)

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