Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kamsahamida, Seoul.

The satisfaction of bringing your team to the final stage and could bring back the trophy
cannot be described.
I am more than grateful.
Thank you Rascals family, for being there at the airport.
Only God knows how much do I miss it.
At last, we could get back together even for a moment.
Meor,kak azalia,kak merra and kak qamilla.
It will be happier if kak bainun was there too :)
Regardless, thank you.
This is what I wanted so badly since ages.
All of the hardworks are paid-off.
Thank you.
wan,munira,azura,afiqah and nabilah -- thanks for the memories.
I love all of you.

Aliah Syahmina :)

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  1. can't believe we did this together, and WHAT'S WITH THE PRECIOUS PIC MAN ? HAHA