Saturday, July 30, 2011


when you achieved the victory,
tonnes of people will come,
congratulating you.
when you lost,
everyone will boo you and entirely forget about your past victory.
i am really pissed off with people like that.
well, what's in the past is still the past,
that's why we can't forget about it.
history upheld different stories and
everyone wants to be appreciated.
you won't be appreciated if you don't know how to appreciate.
i learn to appreciate, and i want to be someone different.
i don't want to be the one that's so close minded
that will blame others for their silly mistake and entirely forget about their good deeds.
the truth is, nobody is perfect and i bet when you hit the wall,
only then you will realise the value of forgive and forget.

ramadhan is coming.
i am here to mend the crux.
no hard feeling.
i hope you feel the same way too :)

Aliah Nazamusa.

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