Saturday, July 2, 2011

Flash flash

School is here.
Everything seems to be fine.
Everyone is happy with their life, so am I :)

Happy belated belated birthday, Irwani.
It's so nice to tell you the truth, Amelia.
I will get your back, Hannah.
I am glad to be your crying shoulder, Edda.
We will always be best friends, Syakirah AG.
Rascals, you are the best.
Meor Alif, thank you so much, coach :)

Being your cool teammate was the best memory ever, Azura.
Being at Mr Chapiti's house for 4 days was really enjoyful.
Thank you for the great hospitality.
Flying to Seoul, Wan, MC, Azura and Aliah.
Good luck for tomorrow's big event, band members.
Special all-the-best wishes to Syakirah, Ummu Nadiah,Irwani, Rifqi Ghazali, Afi Basysyar and Nik Faiq.

On top of all,
I really miss my family.
Thank you for the visit, I am touched :')

Aliah Syahmina

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