Friday, June 10, 2011


Haha, good good. Past few days I saw a lot of happy faces, I listened to a lot of happy stories. Even I don't have any, I am still happy for them :)

Case #1 : Selena Gomez.
Apparently, she's with Justin Bieber and people don't like her that way. I think, people gonna boo her wherever she goes and some people might cross her from their lists of favorite celebrities. Regardless, I still think she's so lucky. No doubt, Justin Bieber is kinda hot and people might fall for his attitude and whatever. People even fight because of him, and the fact that Selena Gomez is her one less lonely girl, I give a clap to her :)

To Selena,
People might not like you, people might boo you for what you got and for what you have. Just leave the critics aside and let them fade away. Go die, because the truth is, that's your fate and some or rather, you deserve that. Be happy with what you have and be grateful for that. You're very lucky to be with the hot stuff, and he's nice actually. So yeah, I am happy for you.

Case  #2, Sleeping Beauty.
Beauty is very lucky for having Beast as her guy best friend. Even at some point I know they do fall for each other yet too ego or too scared to admit that, I know they have a really awesome and long lasting friendship. They could share everything they want and they could count on each other :) They once had civil war, but they gave space for peace and in addition to the moment of truth that they have, it makes the friendship becomes stronger. I envy that kind of friendship because I once had that, it just faded away. I love seeing them together and I always pray for the moment of truth to come for them to tell the truth before it's just too late. I love the way it goes, and I know, they will always be best friends. They might grow separately but they never grow apart.

To both, Beauty and the Beast, appreciate those happy moments. You are lucky to have each other. I am more than happy for you :)

Case #3, Kate Hudson.
Well, she's so lucky to have Matt Bellamy as her life partner. They're so cool like that. I hardly find a couple that would act that way, regardless, they're the best. Kate, she's so lucky to have that. By heart, I know she knows it very well. Matt, yeah yeah. He knows that very well too. I can sense the love is in the air. Kate, you don't have to be afraid of any possibilities that might come. Just be yourself and with honesty, everything will be fine. I am not acting like the love guru here, I am more to like you know telling you my opinion :) Thumbs up for being cool, okay :)

All and all, these 3 girls are so lucky :) Selena, Beauty and Kate. Be happy for that because not everyone has the things that you have.

For those who think that they are unlucky, you don't have to think that way. Patience is a virtue and everyone is lucky in their own way. Just give a moment for yourself to think about it again. You might lose something, but you'll some better things as return. If there's something to lose, there'll be something to gain. People come and people go and people gonna come some more, they pick a fight but it's alright, you still have people who dare to love you more that they can love you. Think positively, and everything will be fine. At some point, I am telling this to myself too. Well, we can do this.

Loves, Aliah Nazamusa.

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