Friday, June 10, 2011

Hopeless -.-

They came to me, telling me, they were hopeless.
Everything seems to be hopeless.
They who used to think love is forever, it is over now.
They who used to have big dreams, would lock themselves in dark room and crash all the dreams.
They think they are useless, then they better quit.
They think life is hopeless, they look pathetic.

Well, people. 
You better don't.
Life is full of hopes and chances.
But you have to seek for them because it won't just come and knock your door
and say,
"Hello, I am possibility, hug me now!"
No way, they won't come just like that.
Even if they did, you're lucky ;)

Don't be too dependent on luck,
work hard for it.

Just remember, 
you are P.F.T,
pretty, fantastic and try everything to achieve all your dreams :)

You were born to be somebody
Nothing is ever gonna stop you
You light up the sky light lightning
You're gonna rise above
and show them what you are made of.

Indeed, you were born to be somebody.
Don't let a negative force attract you the hell.
You can do better than you think you can.
Just push yourself to the limit.
You never give up, mate :)

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