Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Catch me, catch me if you can :)

shut up.
rumors had been spreading around
telling the world 
how am i such a b****.

go die, and kcf yourself up laa.
i don't even know you,
you don't even know my story
and suddenly you tell the world
i am a total b?


you dnt hv anything to do, i presumed.
rather than spreading the rumors around, 
better you keep your own pride.

i have pride, can you please respect that.
if you dnt realise how important pride is,
let me tell you.

how will you react if people going round
telling the world that you're a jerk when
you don't even know them?
i know you're gonna be pissed off too.
well, if you don't, then i do.

respect me as  a human being.
and if it still doesn't work,
imagine if someone called your sister a b****?
you're gonna be extra mad, right?

so, stop telling the world about the untruths.
shut up, and mind your own business.

done, i have addmaths to settle with.
die die die, man.

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