Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boo you, Aliah.

Well, as much as I want to hate you, I know I can't.
Being your friend was one of my good memories.
I never thought that it would end like this.
As much as I think it couldn't happen this way,
I knew that I should expect the unexpected.

I regretted the moment I became unappreciative towards you.
I regretted the moment I ignored things that you truly meant it.
I regretted the moment I couldn't be a good friend.
That was my mistake, regardless, I am fine with it.
Lessons to be learnt, for at least I won't do the same thing in future.

Seems like you are okay with it too, then I will be more than fine.
People blame you for treating me like a doll.
I don't.
I blamed myself.
Maybe it's our fault. I am more than sorry.

Hello, we shall start a new chapter.
Let us not talk about the past, and for me, I shall stop thinking about the past.
I am done with the old books.
I shall start a new beginning.
Life is fun, don't make these dilemmas as the boundaries then.

Love yourself. 
And if you wanna love someone, please ensure that she/he is worth to love :)

Dr Aliah

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