Thursday, June 9, 2011

teenage dream -.-

Beware, some guys can make gossips scatter through half of the face of the earth faster than girls can :)

Indeed, at some points I just don't know which one is the truth that we're talking about.
Because somehow in debate people could just make facts out of no where
and they could be really manipulative.

I failed. Therefore I decided not to easily listen to what people told me.
I have to do the check and balance and it's crucial to really listen to all parties.
Don't be buyers in this matter, if you wanna know the truth :)

The truth is, I am not easily fall for a guy.
I always remind myself,
if a guy is being nice to you, that doesn't mean he likes you.

Well, it's true.
Some people are born to be nice and they'll act that way whenever and wherever they go.
So, we can't trace someone's feeling towards us by that attitude.

I am saying this because I wanna make it clear.
Well, you're nice. Thumbs up for that.
But that's it.
Nothing more, nothing special.
Dare to change that, you better be awesome enough to prove that.

Thank you , Boots for listening to my ummhs and ahhs when I really need to.
I am slightly better now, and I am glad, the drama will go way sooner or later.
Dear drama, I have future to settle with. Bye bye.

Boots, thanks again and keep that as our deepest secret. 
|thank you|

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