Sunday, June 12, 2011

adapted from the tumblr of a great guy :)

It's so like the revolution of people
for not going to school after 2 weeks
to be exact, 3 weeks for the PPMers and TKCians :)

Saturday was like the last day of enjoying the happy day at home
yet that day was like the day all of my friends wanna say hi to me -.-
Sujana Regmi, my long lost UK best friend.
I am glad because we have like a real long conversations :)
I miss her so much.
Good thing, my friend from UK is coming to Malaysia and I am so gonna meet her, cant wait!

Well, school school school.
School is just fine actually :)
The thing here's I love freedom more and that's bad.
I shall think about future.
Never mind, okay?
Bye bye home, hello school.

I am ready to get back to school.
My ears are ready for all the stories too :)
See, school is not that bad.

Form four is like a hectic year for me,
regardless I know it will benefit me though.
Dilemmas today, jokes tomorrow :)

Hey the outsiders,
I am ready to get back to school.
Whatever happens next, I will try my best to face it.
And if you need a crying shoulder,
I am here for you :)
Come and talk to me, okay.

Aliah Nazamusa.

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