Sunday, May 29, 2011

the rain and rainbows of HKSBP

You are gonna miss things when they're gone.
HKSBP 2011, TKC.
well, I miss every moment there.

Even we lost, it didn't label us as the losers.
The spirit that matters the most.

We fought the battle till the end.
We did expect for the best yet got prepared for the worst.
I don't think what people will judge,
because that's what people will do anyways.

I did enjoy my every single day there.
Whenever I had to face the rain, I could really see the rainbows.

Rascals and Eccentric,
we know we were almost there.

You guys are always the champion :D

 old mates, new mates 
thank you for everything.

HKSBP, a five-day-trip to remember :)


thank you sifu, coach, teachers, friends and families for every of your good deed and support :)

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