Sunday, April 24, 2011

My hands are shaking cold.

This time around,
I feel so scared to face reality.
I wish to be in every of my sweet dreams
and live in those dreams.
Reality is not that suck but
I am not ready to face it all.

My hands are shaking cold.
I just woke up from my sweet dreams
and received a shocking news
and I just couldn't handle it.

I felt like the burden was entirely on me
and things that I hate since forever was
a too high EXPECTATION.

Everything that revolves around my world
is all about TEAMWORK.
but at this moment, I think I should start by my own.

One hand can heal another,
just one spark can start a fire.

I will be that one hand,
I will be that one spark.

Just want to make it clear,
it's not the spotlight that I want,
but I hold on my principle of life,
everything that I do is all about my family's pride.
I don't want to be the spoiler.

Somehow I know I can't make any big difference,
but at least, I will do something that will make a change.

If no one wants to start the fire,
let me handle this.
With a very high hope that the rest will follow :)

Ya Allah,
deep in my heart,
I know you are always listening to my prayers,
you know when I was in tears.
Please, if this is the obstacle that you give
me, I will face it.
I know, every cloud has its silver lining
and I know there's always good time beyond that pain.
Can you tell me how I can make a change?

There's a dream in my soul, 
a fire that's deep inside me. 
There's a me no one knows 
waiting to be set free. 

I'm gonna see that day; 
I can feel it, 
I can taste it. 
Change is coming my way. 

Yours truly,
Nur Aliah Syahmina.

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