Saturday, April 23, 2011

the last note ,

Well, one thing that I am proud of myself
is that I hardly go online now and hardly calling or texting someone
because I think there's no benefit I will get from it :)

I just love the
that I enjoy today and
I will do whatever it takes
to make my today better than
my yesterday :)
Alhamdulillah, I did it :DD

While enjoying the freedom,
I still have one doubt here,
"Am I completely over you?"

Well, I shall agree with this ;

I cannot deny the fact that
there's still tiny tiny little particle about you that
I cannot forget.
But I know, the fairytale will never happen twice.
And and I never pray for it to happen anyways :)
I am happy with what I have now
and you know you will never get me back
and I will never let you hurt me again :)

It's not that I am being a player for easily forgetting
someone, NO.
But being hurt is one of the thing that I hate the most,
and I am done with that old game,
and I am finding a new me :)

No, I don't have anyone as replacement
because I know it will just waste my time.
Again, I am enjoying the freedom while it lasts
and I will never forget my oath.

These days, people might think
it's easier to forgive and forget,
but I think it's easier to forgive, rather than to forget.
You're still one of my sweet memories,
but you just hit the FULLSTOP button :)

I wish you 
in your life
and both of us are not good enough for each other :)
We both deserve someone better.

Everything will be okay at the end,
if it's not okay, it's not the end.

I guess, everything is just fine here.
There's no more hard feeling and I would officially
say this to you ;

Yours truly,
Aliah Syahmina.

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