Saturday, April 23, 2011

Carey Island

Do you ever feel like
living in land somewhere toooo far for others to find?
Living in a place where water and electricity are hardly found.
Having a family who cares about job more than you.
Don't have anyone to guide except for the teachers.
Even confused, who you wanna be one day.

Have you ever felt that way?

well, they do.
Being in that community made me feel
how lucky I am 
to study somewhere in Cyberjaya
which I can have all the facilities
and yet I never appreciate them.
To have a family that will guide me
regardless who I am
and yet I never be thankful for that.
To have a dream
and yet I failed to achieve one of them.

Carey Island,
you gave me a real hard slap,
you brought back the thing that I've lost ;
the sense of being appreciative.

Thank you for the memories :)

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