Monday, March 14, 2011

when i'm gone.

Everyday, I remind myself about death.
I can remember the last time I did something for the first time.
But I will never know when will be the last time I'll do something for my last time.
I can feel that the death is coming. I can feel that I will face death real soon.
It's just the matter of when. I am scared, really scared.
But I have to face it, anyway. Every time I wake up from my sleep,
I will be so thankful as I still can see the world. I can still stand, and walk and eat.
What if tomorrow will no longer be my day?
 What if today will be the last day for me to smile?
What if tomorrow will no longer reserve me a place to talk?
 What if today will be the last day for me to walk?
Everyone doesn't know when is our last day, the time is so unpredictable.
I always have a dream to cherish everyone's life. 
So, when I died, I could still make them smile. 
If today is my last day and tomorrow is just too late,
I would really like to repent my mistakes.
Hey the outsiders, 
can you do me a favor?
Please forgive me for the mistakes I've done.
Please forgive me.
I know, I've hurt so many hearts, that makes me broken hearted now.
I'm so sorry, sorry seems to be the hardest word, but I am here, swallowing my pride,
saying sorry for those days.

Nur Aliah Syahmina Mohd Nazarudin

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