Saturday, March 12, 2011

we are always best friends :)

I never thought that it'd be easy, 
Cause we're both so distant now, 
And the walls are closing in on us and we're wondering how, 
No one has a solid answer, 
But just walking in the dark, 
And you can see the look on my face, it just tears me apart. 

So we fight, (so we fight) 
Through the hurt, (through the hurt) 
And we cry and cry and cry and cry, 
And we live, (and we live) 
And we learn, (and we learn) 
And we try and try and try and try! 

So its up to you, (oh) 
And its up to me, (yeah) 
and we meet in the middle, on our way back down to earth, 

again, you made me wanna cry.
i am so sorry for the 100th time for not being a good friend for you.
indeed, when we're too close to someone, it will be easier for you to get in a mad fight.
we're gonna fight over crazy stuff and hard to accept the fact that we're wrong.
egoism will be our policy and sorry seems to be the hardest word.
changes happen anyway, i know, i do face the same thing.
it's a best friend's job to reflect the changes to you.
however, i don't have strength too. it's better to hurt my own feeling
that to see you getting hurt. seriously.
if i do change, just tell me.
i will do my best to also do the same thing, okay?
you are always the person that's on top of my best friends list,
and same here. ilysm :) 
i do care about you too, regardless how long both of us haven't spent our time together
as best friends. we fight almost everyday, and it keeps us closer i guess.
i miss our old moments and as much as i want to be in the past,
i do still hope our friendship will last till forever.
i can't stop the egoism here and then, however
i will try to not hold on to it for that long.
and yeah, you also can count on me, always.

yes you, the owner of the fluffy bear. ilysm.
the owner of WE NEVER GIVE UP t-shirt.

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