Sunday, March 13, 2011

M & A

Aliah Munira

Munira Chapiti
she's my bed mate when i was in form one.
we were in the same class and we were teammates.
what a fate, i'm more than thankful for it :)
she's the most rational thinker among four of us
and she's very firmed of what she believes in.
we shared a lot of things these days
and i can't deny the fact that i missed the moment we used to
share mp3 every night and we shared stories before we went to sleep.
Munira, you're stronger and tougher than you think you are.
By heart i know, you'll be the most successful woman on earth,
a successful stock holder.
You and Edda gonna have a firm and you guys are gonna have share
with Aliah Nazamusa Medical Centre.
ilysm, MC :)

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