Sunday, March 13, 2011

E & A

E & A
well, we call ourselves as Aliah Nadira.
Edda is always being called as sotong
and Aliah is always being called as chipmunk.
There's too much of chemistry between us.
I can be a total jerk to her 
and she'll be so pissed off with me.
She's always like a baby,
but I do love her, still.
We are always in the same dorm,
her bed is always in front of mine.
We are desk mates, lunch mates.
We are all in this together.
We love Kenny Rodgers and I hope her beloved sister
will bring for me a set of Kenny Rodgers too :)
Edda Nadira Hanafi
she's such a baby, a sotong baby.
Regardless of whatever people said about her,
she is still the most genius girl on earth
and by heart, she's just too perfect to have a boyfriend ;)
Edda, don't blush too much.
Remember, not everyone can see it :P
Bye bye Serena.
lil A.

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