Saturday, March 12, 2011


well, for the past four weeks a lot of things had happened. sad stories, happy stories. look deep into my eyes, you can see my deepest pain. life's not easy at all, and to tell you what, i am almost quitting. however, i don't have the power to. everything happens for reasons, i just can pray to face it well. people hate me, people said i am a total bullshit, what else? all the words that they split to my face were really hurt but i had to face it, regardless what. examination was not so okay, i flopped. i had one B+, and that's bad. not to say that i ain't grateful because i am grateful. the thing here is, there's nothing to be blamed on except for myself. i blamed myself for not doing well when the chance was there. i blamed myself for being reckless.


everyone has chance to do anything they want, including me. but the chance came when we less expected it to come. we were being more appreciative when we realised that the chance was no longer ours. can i create a new chance? i bet, no. i neglect the chance to do my best when i had the chance to. why? why? i regret that.


one of the thing that i try to avoid in my life is feeling regretful of what i've done. i wanna get away from all the questions of, "if only.." because if i did feel that way, it means that i've failed. fail to prove something that i have to prove. if only i knew this will happen, definitely i'll do the other way.


however, that's what we call L-I-F-E. it's full of colors, and we made the colors. no matter how regretful i am now for not doing the right thing to do, i shall say ; i still have future to settle with.  no matter how much do they hate me, no matter how many friends have back stabbed me, no matter how bad they treat me, no matter how many shits they've said to my face, no matter how stupid they said i am, no matter what, i shall move on and let them be the way they were born to be. haters were born to hate. i don't hate them, never hate them. i still hold to one principle, you hate one person, 100 people will hate you back. stop being so proud of yourself because you're not that good. i don't lose to you for not hating you back, instead i am the winner, for being smart enough to not play along with dumbs. you think i am saying this to you, hell. i am just more that sorry for that :)

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