Saturday, February 5, 2011

when your good time is here :)

Good time is not always there, therefore we must have sense of grateful of what we have. indeed, at some point we can't even smile when the good time is there because we are being so afraid of losing that precious moment. We're wrong because we shouldn't fulfill our mind with all negative thoughts. When you think that way, hurriedly flash it forget about it. Just sit back, relax and smile. Enjoy the moment while it lasts, okay? Hey Wendy. Don't cry for the great moment. I know you deserve this, every one will have their happy moments. The difference is whether you will face it sooner or later. don't worry,I know Peter Pan is good enough for you and you're the best for him. Go Wendy. I am not your Tinker bell because Tinker bell could be an evil sometimes. I am just Aliah :) and I am here to help. xo.

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