Tuesday, February 1, 2011

when it all falls apart.

you knew my deepest secret and you're my best friend. but when everything changed, never for a second you realised that. people never understand me instead i was blamed for being so ego. then i jumped to the question ;
why should i stand still over there as if like i don't even have any friend in this world.

it's a bit late for me to be pissed off but once i did feel that way, it's a bit hard for me to get back to the normal me. in people's eyes i was the black sheep and as for you, you are always the innocence one but whatever.
you don't even confront me, why should i say sorry to you when you don't even feel guilty and i am not the one who is wrong at the first place.

people whom you care the most will always be the person whom will hurt you the most. indeed. and the only reason why you still forgive them when they don't even ask for forgiveness is because you still want them in your life.

people come and see me when they can only find the tonnes of benefits in me. what's the freaking meaning of friend again? the one who walks in when everybody walks out. have you ever felt this way? have you ever felt like starting again?

by heart, i wanna start over but the fact that it hurts me hell lots, i am speechless.

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