Tuesday, February 1, 2011

when i have too much rest.

hannah said that only good girl like her can sleep early and wake up late.
i just realised the fact that i am way better than her.
i slept at 3.00 pm yesterday and woke up at 1.00 a.m.
i couldn't sleep and went online.
i had to submit my chemistry folio through moodle and luckily, 
i've finished that. i had sent it.
having chat with some people out there,
and received wake up calls.
wth, it's 2.00 am for god's sake.
and by 3.30 am,
when i felt that somehow it's the phase for the ghosts to show up,
i made the decision to just shut down the lappy, again.
without even saying goodbye to some owls out there.
went back to sleep and continue the sweet dreams till 9.00 am.
plus minus, i had slept for 16 hours.
i still feel tired because i had too much rest.

hey people,
i had a new hair cut ;)


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