Friday, February 4, 2011


i had fever on wednesday and i thought it was a normal fever. that night, when i was asleep, my mom woke me up and i just realised that i was shivering like hell. i was so freaking cold but mom said my body was freaking hot. my face was pale. my face's naturally pale due to some reasons. but this time my face was super pale. mom and dad took me to the hospital and the doctor told me that my body temperature was almost 39 degree C and my body was lack of water and i was suspected to get dengue fever. i had to undergo the blood test and some other medical process and stayed there till 3 a.m. we had to wait for the results, i prayed hard because i don't wanna stay in the ward. luckily, the result was negative dengue :) the fever was still the same. i was in bed for the rest of the day. i am not fully recovered today but i have to be strong because i have to finish up my homeworks since i have tonnes of unsettled stuff. thank god, everything is fine today :) the school holidays is almost over, i am not ready to face everything out there! shit -.-"

ps, give me 28 hours per day then i will be happy ;)

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