Saturday, February 5, 2011

childhood faitytale.

I watched Peter Pan last night and I was so thrill watching it. Oh well, I am so childish and that's me, so what :) Peter Pan was awesome especially the cute little Peter Pan. I was melting every time he had that look towards Wendy. My god, I was like the melting ice. I felt like that Peter Pan was looking at my eyes. I was on the cloud nine. Hooyah babyy, Aliah is crazy ;) I wanna have a boyfriend like that. Wait, wait. Patience is a virtue, don't have to be rush. Wait till 18 babeh ;) hik hik. I love fairytale, even I know fairytale never exists in this world and most importantly my fairytale had met its full stop, I don't care. I love fairytale and last night was a super fairytale. I slept a bit late and when I woke up, I received this expected message. I knew this time will come but I did not expect it to come this early. See, I've found the cute fairytale today and at least, I still have a fairytale to tell my grandchildren one day. The fairytale isn't about me. It's about the real Peter Pan and Wendy. Hello happily ever after, Peter Pan and Wendy are here. May everything goes well and I know happily ever after is yours. :) Cinderella doesn't google for her Prince, so I will just wait for the moment to come.

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